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What’s With All this Paperwork, Part VIII: Loans with Security Interest

Hey everyone, pardon the delay for this week’s Draw the Law, but many of my clients have been requesting services preparing for the end of the year or getting ready for the coming year.  How about yourself? Do you have New Year resolutions concerning the conduct of your business? Better policies? New agreements? Finally, converting that […]

What’s with All this Paperwork VII: Promissory Note (Balloon Payment)

Hey everyone, it’s amazing, it’s already December 2012 and it feels like January 2012 was just yesterday.  Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that this is second to last Draw the Law of this year.  There will be one more, continuing the paperwork theme that I have explored for startup owners for the […]

What’s with All this Paperwork, Part VI: Authorization Forms

Today’s Draw the Law will be simple, as I am working to get my enewsletter out as well.  Interested in finding out what my practice is about or what else I am up to?  Send me a message and I will add you to the subscription list.  Even if you ever get tired of my newsletter […]

What’s with All this Paperwork V: Corporate Records

In last week’s post I covered some unique features of an operating agreement.  This week, continuing on our tour of paperwork that startups and small business owners should be familiar with, we go back to corporate paperwork.  Today, I will talk about three general documents that you will repeatedly see running a corporation.  They are […]

What’s with All this Paperwork? Part IV Operating Agreements

Pardon the gap in my weekly posts, but I was away and setting up my new office.  This week I will be picking up right where I left off as we survey the documents that a startup founder will likely see as they launch a new business entity. Quick Recap Last time, I left off […]


FAQ: Should My Startup Issue Stock Certificates?

Sorry, no Draw the Law this week (or next week), as I am working on a something important.  I will announce what it is tomorrow. As for today, this is a follow-up on a FAQ that a lot of founders and startup corporations ask me.  Should they issue stock certificates? Is It Required by Law? […]

FAQ: Are Stock Certificates Necessary (under law)?

My Short Response: No. ^Shortest post on my blog. More to come later! — *Disclaimer:  This post discusses general legal issues, but does not constitute legal advice in any respect.  No reader should act or refrain from acting based on information contained herein without seeking the advice of counsel in the relevant jurisdiction.  Ryan K. […]

What’s with all this Paperwork? Part III Corporate Bylaws

Last week’s post was about the differences between the internal documents of bylaws and operating agreements, and what their purpose is as opposed to the Articles documents.  This week and next, I will take a closer look at the in-depth documents, bylaws and operating agreements, separately and mention a couple things that startups and small […]

What’s with all this Paperwork? Part II Bylaws and Operating Agreements, Keep it In the House!

Quick reminder before I dive into this week’s Draw the Law, I have a talk under Pacific New Media on Social Media and that Law.  Check out the info here. So last week I talked about Articles of Incorporation versus Articles of Organization.  Recall, that the former were for corporations, and the latter was for […]

Boilerplate Blurb: Counterparts.

So Boilerplate Blurb is back! . . . well, on a non-regular basis, but I will try and give you business owners the riveting details of those Miscellaneous Provisions sections of your 80 to a 100-paged agreements. Today’s provision is the Counterparts provision. What does it Look Like? Generally, it looks something like the following: […]