So earlier today I posted my Draw the Law on independent contractor status.  In that post I said I would do something different in regards to the next Draw the Law.  Well, here it is, you get to choose the topic based on the below poll.  It is my way with interacting with the readers of this blawg and giving you some more control because as we all know life as a small business owner is crazy!
The three options are between discussing independent contractor in regards to factors other than control, a brief overview of the laws that affect employees, and finally worker agreements, like nondisclosure agreements.  So please vote in the poll below and next week I will focus on the topic that gets the most votes.

[polldaddy poll=5351610]

*I will select the topic by Wednesday evening of next week (8/10/11).  So whatever topic that gets the most votes by that deadline will be talked about.

Have a good Aloha Friday!


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