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To the readers on the mainland, Happy Columbus Day and to my local Hawaii readers, Happy Discovers’ Day!

Anyway, today’s new law in the brief will be brief once again. As many of you know next week will be another talk at Hawaii’s first coworking space, The Box Jelly. Thanks to all of you who helped pick the topic of Protecting Your Brand: An Overview of IP Laws by voting in my poll with The Box Jelly. Be on the look at this week at Aloha Startups website, as I will do a post related to that subject.

Also as I was doing research for today’s new law I noticed that the state legislature updated its website. Check it out here. It has that kind of app-store kind of feel to it.

So what other news is buzzing around town? Well, Hawaii’s new beekeeper registry. For you apiarists House Bill 866 signed into law (Act 200) is designed to provide a volunteer registry administered by the Hawaii Department of Agriculture.

As many of you know a there are a lot troubling things affecting the bee populations. Things like bad weather, the infestation of varroa mites, nosema spores, and small hive beetles all have led to unofficial counts indicating that thousands of bee colonies in Hawaii have died off. However, this may be inexact and state agricultural officials did not compile statistics on the production of queen bees in Hawaii. This was partly due to the fact the industry is small and also because of issues relating to proprietary information.

Therefore, it designed this volunteer registration to try and get a better handle on the situation. As stated it is completely voluntary and no regulatory or fiscal action is linked to the registry. The information that beekeepers give to the state will not be shared. In exchange for registering some of the benefits may include:

  • Technical services of the State Apiary specialist;
  • e-mail notification of important issues (related to pests, disease, and hive health);
  • access to the State Apiary Program (designed to be a support system apiarists and be a kind dedicated government resource line for beekeepers);
  • finally, the goal from the aggregated data is for the Department of Agriculture to promote the industry.

Anyway, if you are beekeeper and would like to take advantage of this here is the form to fill out.

For other Bee News check out this link and this one.

P.S. You may be wondering why I care so much about bees, as I kind of hinted at it with B-Corporations Law in the Brief posts. Well, as a foodie I realize that bees are largely responsible for the great bounty of plants that we find on or plates and table. We as humans have no way of replicating what bees do for agriculture so this is an important step in combating the threats to our food production.

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