Well, hopefully you got a chance to read this morning’s Draw the Law. This post is just highlighting some of the more interesting pieces of information that I would like to share with you.

Alohastartups: Succesion Planning and Crowdfunding Posts

Once again, Alohastartups was nice enough to put up my post on Succession Planning. This part 1 of a two part series. Check it out here. If you remember I conducted a co-talk with my friend and 2011 Leadership Institute fellow Scott C. Suzuki, a successful estate planner and elder care lawyer here in Honolulu about the benefits of thinking about your business should you die, become incapacitated, or would like to leave.

If you also recall, I did a piece on crowdfunding, which I found a couple of newer posts that you may find interesting. First of all, Entrepreneur.com has an opinion piece on “Why Crowdfunding is Bad for Business” – do you agree/disagree?  Anyway, whatever your opinion on the matter it appears that the Crowdfunding bill is stuck in the Senate. In fact, it isn’t just stuck, it multiplied, as there are now three bills in the Senate. Want to know more check out good in-depth analysis by following Fizzlaw.com’s link.

The Greenhouse: Innovation Hub Talks SOPA and Helps Me with Podcasts

Speaking of federal legislation, the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) (as well as it’s Senate counterpart PROTECT IP Act (PIPA)) continues to make headlines, as Wikipedia now joins the ranks of the growing number of sites that have vowed to blackout in protest of the bill.  Anyway, The Greenhouse: Innovation Hub is definitely living up to its creed of being a “learning lab” as they have set-up a discussion on SOPA and PIPA tonight, starting at 6pm. Click here for details.

In addition, The Greenhouse has worked with me to bring legal podcasts to you busy small business owners and people thinking of starting their own business. While, not as extensive as my talks, these podcasts should give you legal information to think about. Look for those to roll out soon and check back here for more information.

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