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Honolulu Businesses Receive Aid Amid Complex Reopening Plan

Reading Time: 2 minutes Last week the City and County of Honolulu announced the expansion of the Small Business Relief and Recovery Fund (SBRRF) and has added $75 million to the program. Businesses may qualify for up to $50,000 in reimbursement grants. Business owners that missed the first round of SBRRF should consider applying this time, and those who applied in the first […]


Payroll Tax Cut: Things To Consider

Reading Time: < 1 minute Are you considering taking advantage of the President’s Executive Order for payroll tax cut? If so, just understand it defers Social Security taxes till the end of the year. Defer means the deferral amount has to be paid back. So that deferred amount, over 4 months, can create a large tax liability. For employers, first […]

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Throwing in the Towel: Legal Issues to Closing Your Business – Part 2

Reading Time: 4 minutes In last week’s bLAWg: Throwing in the Towel: Legal Issues to Closing Your Business – Part 1, I discussed the duties and obligations of closing a business. If you have recently decided to close your business or are looking for alternative options to closing; the below checklist should provide a basic map of what you […]

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Throwing in the Towel: Legal Issues to Closing Your Business – Part 1

Reading Time: 4 minutes Are you a business owner thinking of closing your store, restaurant, or bar? You are not the only one who has thought about it. In fact, many already have. In Honolulu, walk around any neighborhood whether it is Downtown, Kalihi, Haleiwa, or Mōʻiliʻili and you will see that some businesses are gone. In some cases, […]


Can you Charge a COVID Fee?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Can a business add additional fees and charges to a bill due to COVID-19? Yes. Consider the additional costs to build barricades, close off every other table, provide enough disinfectant, and sanitizer. Also supplying disposable personal protective equipment (PPE) for employees. Obviously, that costs money. Additionally, for those of you in the food industry you […]


Hawaii’s Headed Toward Reopening

Reading Time: 2 minutes Where is the Hawaii economy for reopening? Where can an owner get guidance to reopen? So here in Hawaii the economy is beginning to reopen. In Honolulu, hair, nail, lash, and in general beauty operators and services were allowed to re-open past Friday. In Maui, most businesses will be allowed to reopen on June 1st, […]

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Business Partnerships a Seminar Recap: All is Fair in Love and War

Reading Time: 4 minutes I just wanted to recap my seminar on business partnerships from last week at the Entrepreneurs Sandbox. Entitled All is Fair in Love and War: Navigating Business Partnerships, and playing off of Valentine’s Day, my panel and I discussed the ins and outs of business partnerships. We touched upon of course my focus, business law, […]


How Can I Hunt Boar in Hawaii?

Reading Time: 6 minutes Happy Lunar New Year! As some of you know I do a post every year related to the Chinese zodiac animal of the New Year. Last year it was about landlord’s charging extra rent for dogs. The year prior to that one was, can you keep chickens in your backyard. Going to back when I […]