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How Can I Hunt Boar in Hawaii?

Reading Time: 6 minutes Happy Lunar New Year! As some of you know I do a post every year related to the Chinese zodiac animal of the New Year. Last year it was about landlord’s charging extra rent for dogs. The year prior to that one was, can you keep chickens in your backyard. Going to back when I […]

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A Board’s Resolve to Act: Corporate Resolutions

Reading Time: 3 minutes Your Personal Resolutions vs. Corporate Resolutions So we are midway through January 2019 as of this post. How are your New Year’s Resolutions coming along? Are you preparing for your 2018 tax returns? Government shutdown or no the IRS will still be collecting taxes, so that’s always a struggle. In particular keeping your accounting and […]

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Happy Veterans Day: Resources for Veterans Owning a Small Business in Hawaii

Reading Time: 4 minutes Support for Veterans Through Business Ownership Happy Veterans Day and thank you to all the people who have enlisted to serve our country. I thank all veterans, but this post is mainly for highlighting those resources available to vets for small business ownership. As it is a topic that I care about and my personal […]

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Ryan Responds: What’s the Difference Between a Trade Name and Trademark?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Is a Trade Name and a Trademark the Same Thing, or are They Different? In this Ryan Responds video, what are the differences between a trade name and a trademark. Short answer: they are different. Much of the confusion comes up nowadays when people are registering their business and trying to come up with the […]

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A Chef’s Work-Life Balance: Closed for Dinner, but Open to Subleasing or Partnering?

Reading Time: 9 minutes Chefs and their Work-Life Dilemma: Dinner Service vs. Quality of Living A friend and a client recently shared a Food & Wine article on their social media. It was entitled “Why So Many Top Restaurants Are Closing for Dinner“. The article was about how restaurateurs and chefs were seeking better work-life balance by opting not to […]

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Ryan Responds: “What should go in your Operating Agreement?”

Reading Time: < 1 minute What Should go in your Operating Agreement? In this Ryan Responds video, I go over some of the more important items that an Operating Agreement should cover. While, not an exhaustive list, it is illustrative of the conversations LLC members and managers should have with one another. Business partners should strive to have this organizational […]

Can a Landlord Charge a Tenant Extra for a Dog?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Happy Lunar New Year all! It is that time of year again. Like last year, where I covered chickens for Year of the Rooster, and monkeys for Year of the Monkey prior to that, I will be talking about laws related to dogs here in Hawaii. I am not going to cover dog bite law […]