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Boilerplate Blurb: Assignment.

Assignment Clauses Generally, in contract law land contracts are freely assignable (meaning they can be transferred).  However, if an agreement possess a restrictive or anti-assignment clause it will prevent this transferring of the agreement. Thus (anti)-assignment clauses determines whether rights, obligations and duties under an agreement may be transferred in whole in or part to […]

Social Media and the Law: Legislative and NLRB Updates

The following information was presented by me to the Social Media Club of Hawaii’s Social Media “Boot Camp” for Hawaii Recruiting, Staffing and Hawaii Human Resources Professionals on Friday, February 22, 2013.  You can find a downloadable pdf version on the “Resources” page of my website. Here was what was discussed: Legislative Updates Summary: Generally, […]

Boilerplate Blurb: Severability.

Well, it’s been a while for a Boilerplate Blurb, but here is one that cuts to the chase (pun intended). The severability (aka savings) clause is used to keep a contract and its various provisions intact if parts of it are deemed illegal or unenforceable in a court.  Why? With written agreements being so long […]

What’s with All this Paperwork V: Corporate Records

In last week’s post I covered some unique features of an operating agreement.  This week, continuing on our tour of paperwork that startups and small business owners should be familiar with, we go back to corporate paperwork.  Today, I will talk about three general documents that you will repeatedly see running a corporation.  They are […]