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We hope we can assist you, but the best way to get to know us is through an initial meeting. We provide a no cost 30-minute initial consultation. We will listen to your matter, discuss some general legal information, and our rates and fees for the services to assist you on your case, matter, or project. After that if you are interested in our services, we request a signed Engagement Letter,  sometimes a retainer depending on your type of case, matter, or project, and additional intake information.

Potential entrepreneurs wait too long to pursue their dreams. Business owners sit on potential deals and wait till the last minute to sign without knowing what they are signing. Business partners get into a dispute without realize they are jeopardizing their rights or their business. People in accidents wait too long to seek treatment or live with lifelong pain because they did not file a timely claim. Injustice by those in power who abuse or harass those that should be in their care goes unpunished because the victim remains silent, possibly leading to harm of others by the same predators.

The point is do not be afraid to ask about your rights. You need to understand your rights before we can assist you in enforcing them. Further, sometimes you are unsure about your legal problem, even if we cannot directly assist you we can always try and refer you to another attorney who can, but again, you need to call or email us first. So start now, by messaging us and then let us provide the formalities.

Our main office is located at 1575 S. Beretania St., Suite 206 Honolulu, Hawaii 96826. However, due to COVID-19 guidelines we prefer telephone or ZOOM consultations for the time being.

Our California office is located at 19200 Von Karman Ave, Ste. 400 Irvine, CA 92612.

Please allow for forty-eight (48) hours for a response, and if you do not receive anything by email (check your spam filters) or phone call, please try and contact us again.

You can email OR for telephone calls you can reach us at:

  • Hawaii: (808) 944-8400
  • California: (949) 464-4045

Finally, even if we are unable to directly assist you, as it may not be an area of law we practice, then we are glad to provide referrals where appropriate.

Thank you for your interest in our firm.

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