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Advocates For Survivors Of Sexual Abuse

Being sexually abused is extremely traumatic and can have a lasting impact on the victim for their entire life.  Often, minor victims will have adverse effects through their adolescences and adulthood.  Our team works tirelessly to hold the perpetrators of sexual abuse responsible, whether they are public or private institutions, employers, or the individual abuser. Our attorneys utilize their years of experience and all of their skills to ensure you receive the justice and compensation you deserve.

We understand the impact an injury can have on your physical, emotional, psychological, and financial health. While we have helped numerous individuals achieve results, we take an individualized approach to every case. With every client, we aspire to create meaningful personal and professional relationships with those we serve to achieve the best outcomes for our clients.

We are a firm centered around you, and you owe it to yourself to retain the best legal representation possible to safeguard your interests. Our attorneys and staff are dedicated to helping our clients.

Trejur P. Bordenave

Trejur P. Bordenave


Have you or someone you know been sexually abused by another person?  Did their employer stay silent or try to cover it up?