This is a follow-up to the previous Leadership post, where I shared all the insights that the morning panelists of Corporate Hawaii discussed with the fellows. The afternoon was did not have a moderated panel, but a speed dating type of deal between the following executives:

This was a much more free form and shorter meeting with these lawyers-turned-executives. So I will impart just a couple of ideas from them in no particular order, but feel free to incorporate into your own business or practice or thinking about it.

Darcy – stated that she does not have as much control over work and life, even though many attorneys feel that they have no control; she said life as an executive was busier with meetings; finally, she felt that business development was about cultivating relationships.

Bryan – stated that you should meet as many people as you can, in fact that is how he met Eddie Flores, at a political function. From that encounter, Eddie used him as an attorney, but through working for him they built trust and getting to know each other.

There, I think this highlights the whole going out and meeting new people aspect of networking.

Stanley – said he was ready for change, when he went into a nonlawyer position, but for beginning lawyers he recommends starting in government or if you are going to try and become in-house counsel promote yourself in business-relations, and that a JD-MBA helps. He also said that a lot of lawyers are good at IDing the issues and risk assessment, but the BEST lawyers give solutions and get it done proactively in fixing problems. Finally, he said that the skills a lawyer takes with them into business are: (1) good writing skills, BUT you need to change into business writing; and (2) think logically, to persuade/convince others.

Well, that’s it for Corporate Hawaii. Next post I will pose a question that was discussed at Corporate Hawaii, that I think will provoke conversation, so I welcome responses. In addition, I will talk about the special session on “Managing Diverse Networks” by Dr. Tanya Menon.

Happy Holidays!